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Bragging Rights

Don Walser is quite simply one of the great voices and nice guys of our day. His mission in life is to preserve what he terms "old-time Texas music" --which he admirably accomplishes.
-- tune fan

The Pete Seeger of Country Music
-- Paul Johnston

He is a yodeler almost without current parallel ...
-- National Endowment for the Arts

Pavarotti of the plains.
-- Playboy Magazine

This Lamesa, Texas native is nothing less than pure country music incarnate.
-- David Courtney of CitySearch

It is hard not to enjoy yourself at a Walser show. His music, like the man himself, is filled with a joy and exuberance rarely witnessed anywhere else.
-- Scott Snidow of Rockzilla

Though he gives classic country a contemporary feel, Walser remains an ardent musical preservationist.
-- PBS

A legend in his native Texas, Don Walser never made much of a splash outside of the Lone Star State, and thatís a shame.
-- Somky Mountain News

...Don has been a CD-player constant, and I can instantly recognize his voice when he was singing on somebody else's song...