The immortal, the incomparable, the indefatigable, DON WALSER!


"I read in a monthly music magazine. How a big star rode around in his limousine. They said his voice was just like velvet, he was tops throughout the land. But I wonder what he'd sound like, if he didn't have his band." - Don Walser from the song Side Men

Phil Fajardo


Rock steady. That's the only way to describe how constant this man is as a drummer. He lays a beat down that keeps the whole band tight. He's played with many bands including Larry Gatlin, George Strait, and Jimmy Buffet. - more on FaceBook

Howard Kalish


Hands down the best fiddle player you're likely to hear. Howard is not only an accomplished musician playing the fiddle, harmonica and guitar but also a great band leader. Howard has his own album out and is playing all around Texas. - more on FaceBook

Don Keeling


Skinny Don played with Don before the creation of the Pure Texas Band dating back to the mid 80's. The two Dons have travelled the country together making great music. In addition to being an accomplished live performer, Skinny is a highly sought after studio musician. He plays the guitar, electric bass and stand up bass. Currently Skinny is enjoying life as a freelance musician.

Floyd Domino


Floyd Domino's dazzling boogie-woogie piano styling is known to audiences around the world earning him acclaim and awards for over 3 decades. Floyd Domino brought home his Best Keyboards Award this April to keep company with the two Grammy Awards won for featured work with Asleep at the Wheel. - more on his website

Scott Walls


You'd never know that Scott didn't start playing the steel guitar until he was a teenager. He has the ability to make the steel guitar do anything he wants it to do. If you get to see him live notice how he's able to make the most complicated riffs seem effortless. Currently Scott is playing in the Cornell Hurd Band. (Oh, did I mention that two years after learning how to play the steel, he was on the Grand Ol' Opry!)

Gilbert DeLossantos


The original drummer for the Pure Texas Band, Gil has been playing drums for decades. Now he's a staple in Austin music with the Patron's. - more on FaceBook